Times are a-changing

Departure Arrival Time EditorZoom Flight Solver knows about time zones and daylight savings rules. So you can enter the departure or arrival times in either UTC (Zulu) time or local time

The time editor will show you the departure and arrival time for all sectors in the flight plan in both local and UTC time zones.

Flight Solver really begins to shine when you have a flight with multiple sectors.

Knowing that the departure time of one sector can be affected by a preceding or subsequent sector, Flight Solver offers several ways of specifying the times:

Fixed departure time
If you have to leave at a fixed time, simply enter the time (and optionally the date).

The 24 hour clock automatically shows you the daylight hours for your origin, so you can see whether you are heading into the dark or not.

Fixed arrival time
If you have to arrive at your destination at a fixed time, simply enter that time. Flight Solver will work things backwards for you, displaying departure and arrival times for the preceding sectors.
Just in time
You would select this on sectors where you have a fixed arrival or departure time on a subsequent sector and you want to leave just early enough to make it.
Continue the flight
You want to simply spent some time on the ground and the take off for the next point.

Again all you have to do is enter the time on the ground and Flight Solver will tell you what the departure time for the sector should be.

Avoid the dark

The fixed departure and arrival options have a button to retrieve to retrieve the Beginning of Daylight (BOD) or End of Daylight (EOD) for the origin or destination on the day specified.

So, if you don't have a night rating, or there are no lights available at your origin or destination, Flight Solver will keep you in the light.

You can add your own margin to arrive that many minutes before end of daylight or depart that many minutes after the beginning of daylight.

Clear feedback

As you change the times in one sector, any effects that change may have on other sectors is reflected immediately, so you are always in the picture.

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