Taking the load of your mind

Manifest EditorZoom Flight Solver makes it easy to keep track of your weight and balance.

As you enter the weights of your crew, passengers and baggage compartment, the graphical representation of your balance is updated, so you can clearly see what effect the current item is having on your balance.

It will also inform you both graphically and in plain english, if the load violates a limit or the flight envelope.

Flight Solver will check for the following limits (as they apply to your aircraft):

  • Maximum Ramp Weight
  • Maximum Take-off Weight
  • Maximum Landing Weight
  • Zero Fuel Weight
  • Seat Row limits
  • Baggage Compartment limits

Clear Summary

Flight Solver displays a clear overview of the weight and balance for all flight sectors and allows you to edit them all from the one screen.

Copy Loads

If you plan to carry the same passengers over multiple sectors, there is no need to enter the same information twice.

Flight Solver allows you to easily apply the load from one sector to other sectors as well.

Standard Loads

If you keep on flying with the same crew or passengers, you can pre-define these loads on an aircraft by aircraft basis and quickly preview and recall them in the Manifest Editor.

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