Joining the dots

Route Resolution EditorZoom Getting from point A to point B has never been easier.

Having to analyse TCAs or ERCs to find the appropriate airways is not necessary with Flight Solver.

Flight Solver knows about airways and has several route resolution algorithms to offer suitable routes between any two waypoints.

Flight Solver will offer route solutions using the airway system, if necessary spanning multiple airways.

This will work even if one or both waypoints are not on an airway. In these cases Flight Solver will try to join the airway system via nearby reporting points or navaids.

Direct Routes
If there are no suitable airways routes (they might send you on a major dogleg, for example) to use, Flight Solver can offer route solutions using navaids, airfields or reporting points close to the direct track.
Stored Routes
Airservices provides 'stored' routes between some aerodromes. Flight Solver will offer these as well.

Detailed feedback

No matter how the route solutions are derived, Flight Solver will show for each of these
  • the airways and navaids
  • the distance along the route
  • the highest LSALT (if applicable)
  • the route on the map as you highlight it

Constrain the route

You can nominate waypoints that must be included in or excluded from the routes offered.

Flight Solver will then offer new routes based on these criteria So deciding which route to chose has never been easier.

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