Mapping it all out

The map plays a central role in Flight Solver.

It goes without saying that it shows you the route you have entered, but that is just the start.

Terrain shading

You can select whether or not you want display the terrain shading or not. This way you get a good idea of what you terrain you will be flying over.

Seeing the zones

Control zones (CTR), controlled airspace (CTA), restricted, danger areas, (PRD), forecast zones (ARFOR), HF areas (HFA) and more can all be displayed or hidden by means of a simple mouse click. What's more, advanced shading techniques allow you to clearly visualise where multiple layers of airspace overlap.

You can customise the colours and shading used to display these areas and at what scale levels to hide them.

Distance are clearly labelled on arcs, so you know when you enter conrolled airspace.

Find the waypoints

As with the zones, with a simple mouse click you can show or hide aerodromes (AD), authorised landing areas (ALA), helicopters landings sites (HLS), navaids (NDB and VOR), intersections (WPT).

See the weather

The results of the weather censor are displayed on the map and moving the mouse over any of these will immmediately display a tool tip for that

Get the info

Clicking anywhere on the map will allow you to find out what airspace, waypoint or weather lies beneath.

Zoom in, zoom out and pan about

Zooming and panning the map is intuitive.

Flight Solver allows you to snap the view to the current plan and it also maintains a 'home view' that you can snap to.

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